Thursday, January 27, 2011


Due to circumstances beyond my control, Brandt continues to grow.  He is now over 20 lbs and is threatening to learn how to walk.  I've decided I need to start taking pictures of every second before he runs off and joins the Army.  So when he woke from his morning nap, I took him outside and plopped him out in the sunshine.  It took him a little while to get his sleepy eyes open but he gradually warmed up.  Excuse his rosy, little cheeks.  This winter has them in an almost-perpetually chapped state.  The best thing I've found to clear it up is daily use of this goat milk lotion from my friend, Wanda.  But I forgot to put some on him this morning, so he is a tad rosy.

 Well hi there, big boy!

 My babies have beautiful eyelashes...

 And chubby, ubber-kissable cheeks!

"Hi, big sis!  Mind if I come play?"

 "I seem to be covered in organic matter.  Hold on."

 "This is getting difficult..."

(Note: cloth diaper bum - cue *awwww*)

"I think my only option is to eat myself out of here!"

"Hold on!  I'll be right there!"

I think I might have mentioned it before, but it certainly bears mentioning again...


Everything.  He is not picky.  Mud, crumbs of food under the table, clothes, dust balls, books, leaves, paper...

Paper is his absolute favorite.  He ate Daddy's map of Montana last night.  

But this past Monday, after a particularly awful night, I was fishing a crayon out of his mouth and my finger hit something sharp.  

Could it be?

And indeed it is!  In the front lower right, to be exact. 
Perhaps all this chewing has helped massage that little chomper out into the open.  

I don't know if anything will be left to chew for the rest of 'em,
but I'm sure he'll find something.

Oh, it bears mentioning, Wanda with Lazy i Farms didn't pay me or anything, I just love her and her products!  Here's the Lazy i Farm Site with lotions, soaps, lip balm & laundry soap all made by her :-)


Beth Martin said...

So cute!!! he and olivia should have a book eating date... all of our board books survived two kids only to be eaten by the third! :-p

Julie said...

Your blog makes me happy:)

Beth Ann Zeller said...

...and he's wearing his Nana socks! :)