About Me

I spent most of my childhood living on a small seminary campus in Colorado where my Dad directed & taught Greek.  My sisters and I jokingly groaned about being doomed to marry seminary students and become pastor's wives.  I'm glad God has a good sense of humor (along with a sovereign knowledge of what is best!).

I was born in Salem, Oregon and lived in thirteen different locations (Dad was an Army Chaplain) before my family settled in Colorado.  I'm the eldest of 13 kids - and I love it!  My parents have educated each one of us at home and I consider that one of the greatest blessings in my life.  I attended Covenant College and graduated in May of 2006 with a B.A. in Bible and Theology. 

Two weeks after my college graduation, I married Doug who was currently studying at Sangre de Cristo Seminary.  He graduated with his M.Div. in September of '07.  Charissa was born in Colorado, February of '08, Brandt came in Oklahoma, April of '10, Ethan arrived in Montana, November of '12, and now we have Emily, born July '15!

The blessings of marriage, nurturing four precious lives, keeping a home, and God's grace through it all is amazing and beautiful. I'm treasuring each moment in my heart and despite the struggles (and usually because of them) growing every day. I hope you are encouraged and blessed as I share my journey, one that is covered in the love and grace of Jesus, my Savior.

Links I recommend:

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Note: These are not sponsors or affiliates with my blog;  I just like to pass the word!