Saturday, October 5, 2013

I'm Still Here!

Just wanted to holla a "sorry!" those of you who might still be reading this forsaken blog.  I blog to connect and hear from ya'll and I miss it.  I'm pretty embarrassed ending with the "2" of a "3" part series.  Lame.

A little run down of where I'm at right now...

The three births, three ways was done for multiple mommy friends (whom I cherish) that wanted to know my experience and how I learned through them.  I'm thankful to have processed through the first two births.  I learned more about myself through them, primarily how much I am in need of grace and how amazingly God orchestrates our bodies.

I learned something un-birth related while typing these accounts as well...

Blogging can take way more time and energy out of my day than it should.  

The time I usually have to blog is in the evening after the kids are in bed.  Now that a certain little lady isn't taking naps, and a certain baby man has a nap schedule that doesn't always coincide with the man child - nap time is a bygone "mommy time".  Bedtime can potentially start quite late depending on the end of day attitudes, diversion techniques, and how long I rock my sleeping baby or scratch a tired toddler's back.  If I finish putting down the kids and sit down to blog that means I have spent precisely zero minutes of one-on-one with the man who kisses me goodbye every morning and can then be found in the kitchen washing dishes or going to bed while I'm in the other room blogging.  It can also potentially keep me up way, WAY to late.  That's ridiculous.  That's embarrassing.  That is in no way upholding the priorities I have for my life.

So, after a very long, going-into-the-wee-hours post, I had to pull myself up by the reigns and say "whoa".  I'm praying about how blogging fits into my priorities.  I'm also wondering if I should figure out how to bring pictures back to this blog.

In the meantime, I'm doing amazingly well.  We love Wyoming and we love the people here.  Charissa is in her first year of homeschool Kindergarten which has been a lot of fun and a lot of learning for me.  Doug will be taking the senior pastor position next May in our church.  Brandt keeps us laughing.  Ethan is exploding in teeth & personality and will most probably be walking before he turns one in November (that went FAST).  Life is good.  And it's life I want to live.  Blogging will hopefully be a part of that again some day.

Love to you all and thanks for reading :-)

~ Hannah

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