Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Love Her

I love this girl.  She wants to wear dresses and keep her hair down in curls but as soon as she can take off her shoes and wade through a freezing creek, she's there with a smile and sense of adventure. 

Even though she immediately put in her order for a "sister-girl", I can't think of a better candidate for "oldest sister of two brothers."  She and Brandt are best friends (she told me so this morning) and I have no doubt Baby Blueberry will make it even better.  A beautiful older sister who isn't afraid of mud but always has her nails painted will be the perfect foil to two crazy boys.  Oh the adventures they will all have together! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Just a Couple August Pictures

 Here we are at the 1920's Museum Fundraiser, 
premier (!!) of the 1924 film "Grasshopper Glacier".
(Yes, black and white with no sound!  It was fantastic!)

I sang "Look for the Silver Lining" accompanied by sweet Carol W., 
then "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man", and a duet, 
"Side by Side" with my friend Jeff.  We had fun!

 This was today on a little excursion to the Beartooths 
near Clay Butte and then Lily Lake.

 Baby bump picture!

These summer months have been super busy with church functions and life in general.  

Baby Blueberry is the kickingest child that ever habitated my womb.  I've been plumb exhausted and while wondering why, realized I've never been pregnant with two more kids running around whom alternately love and try to kill each other.  Oh.  THAT might explain it!

Brandt is potty trained - if he doesn't have any pants on ;-) Charissa has entered the "why?" phase with a vengeance.  We plan to start homeschooling as soon as our curriculum comes.  I swing between really excited and really nervous at that prospect!

I'm amazed at how fast this summer and pregnancy are both going.  One I don't want to end and the other I would love to be finished!