Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today is a NEW DAY!


- The baby spit-up on our dry-clean-only feather duvet.

- The toddler had three melt-downs during library story time.

- I got a $250 speeding ticket for going 34 in a 35 BUT it was school zone time making it 25.  I didn't see the flashing sign because I was helping the toddler in the back seat.

- Then I bawled like I haven't bawled for a long, long time.

- I spent all of nap time (2 hours) dealing with a horrible malware that was attacking my computer.  During this time, all I could think about were the pictures I would lose forever - and I cried.

- I got the computer up and running and through a chain of events was introduced to this program.  And every ounce of emotional energy I had left was cried out...again.  (I'm a glutton for punishment.)

- I tried to take pictures of the kids which ended when 1) the flash still wouldn't work and 2) the toddler bit the baby's finger.  (WHY?!!)

- Two women knocked on our door, I answered, and the first thing they said was "We are here to talk about the speed limit," and my heart jumped into my throat.  It was a petition for the speed on our little county road.  Good lands, I don't think they realized the horror I experienced!  "They hunted me down!!"  I thought.


- I'm going to sniff my baby's neck.

- I'm going to ruffle my toddler's hair.

- We're going to read stories.

- We're going to pick flowers.

- We're going to make cookies.

- I'm going to be thankful that the word "grace" is found over 150 times in the scripture.

-  I'll meditate on 1 Peter 1:3-12 and thank God for my eternal inheritance - and that I suffer so little in comparison with the rest of the world.

- I will never drive anywhere again for the rest of my life.

- Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010



 This is Jack.

Jack is not our dog.  He showed up a couple months ago and has been around 95% of the time since then.  

We call him Jack because the number on his tag sent us to the pet shelter.  They told us his name and that he had been adopted by someone who said she "would find him a good home."  When we call her number she never picks up.  Sketchy.  

So anyway, we don't mind having him around.  He is very gentle with Miss C.  Clyde the cat had to teach him a lesson at first but now they happily coexist and he and our dog Missy are bestest friends fur-ever.

The problem is, Jack still is still endowed with the equipment required to continue the species. 

"Well!  Just tell the WORLD about it!"
Sorry, Jack.

This is the dilemma: I am of the persuasion that only purebred dogs worth hundreds of dollars contained in an inescapable fence should be allowed that luxury.  All others should be chop-chopped.

Sorry, Jack.

I know this is discriminating against your ethnicity and socioeconomic status, but this comes from a tragic past experience when a hormone-crazed dog the size of a Buick busted through my front door and got my (very expensive soon-to-be bred to an even more expensive) golden Labrador Retriever resulting in 13 Buick-size puppies I had to feed and care for through the dead of winter then give away to a no-kill shelter because no one wanted a Buick-size puppy in the dead of winter.

"Oh wow.  That's ruff."
Thanks, Jack.  I knew you'd understand.

"The same thing happened to my mama."
Yeah, I kinda figured as much.
So what do I do?  
"So impersonal!"

Should I tie a note to his collar saying, "If this is your dog please call me, I'm going to get him chopped?"

"Ow, ow, ow!"

Should I go ahead and get it done and let them find the stitches?

Or should I just leave it be?  You know, whatevah, and let the breeder of beautiful golden Labrador Retrievers living right up the hill deal with the possibilities himself?  (almost to ironic, isn't it?) I'm feeling a little responsible.  What should I do?

"What would YOU do?"

Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Fisherwoman!

Yesterday evening was delightfully cool.  Fall is finally coming to rescue us after the insanely hot summer!  Our little family trotted over to the pond to enjoy the beauty.  Daddy had brought his fishing pool and Miss C (being two) kept asking, "I do it!  I do it, Daddy!"  So, Daddy handed her the pole and she started reeling like a pro.  Daddy cast out, started reeling, and got a bite!  He handed it to Miss C for her to reel in by herself.

As you can see, she was a little proud.
The "picture smile"
I ran and got the camera and asked Daddy to cast out again so I could get some pictures of her reeling.

 Low and behold...she caught one!

It was a nice bass!
Daddy got it all cleaned out, I fried it, and we all had crappie and bass for dinner.

She loved it!
(Please excuse the coloring in this photo.  My camera flash is dead so I have to play around to make pictures visible!)

Here's the video!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Attributes of Brandt

Chubby Legs & Bum
Sweet Feet
Dimpled Arms
Sleepy Eyes

Drooly Mouth
Double Chin
Big Grins

Friday, September 24, 2010

Right now...

- The top and bottom sheet on my bed don't match.  There is a reason and it involves a 5 month old.

- I'm slightly embittered towards the designer that made a Disney Princess flashlight held together by minuscule screws.

- I'm wondering why I didn't name my blog "Babies, baking, and the Bible".

 - My t-shirt and stretchy shorts both say "adidas".  Does that make it a thought out and coordinating outfit?

- I'm hoping my camera flash will resurrect.

- I wonder what I did before dry Bible highlighters.

- The "Shake Your Beanbag" song from library story time is running on repeat through my head.

- I'm wondering how I gave birth to a child with a head the size of a two-year-old's.

- I love my life.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Parade = Candy

Last Saturday was the 123rd anniversary of the Oklahoma Land Run.  This historic event hadn't truly imprinted itself on my brain until watching "Far and Away" during a to-late movie night at college, but it did happen and here are some pictures to prove it.  Perry celebrates this anniversary with a week long fair, a rodeo, and a parade. 

We attended the rodeo Friday night and I'm very sorry I didn't get pictures for you.  Along with the fabulous rodeo events, they had some motorcyclist doing insane jumps that left my throat hurting from the screams that kept escaping from my mouth.  I didn't mean to.  It's just when someone is hurtling through the air upside down with a piece of machinery weighing goodness-knows-how-much and not touching it, my body writhes, my heart races and I scream.  And wake up small children - like my poor baby boy.  

But anyway, the following morning was the parade.  Parades are for dressing up.  Parades are for sirens.  Parades are for remembering our rich cultural heritage. 

Parades are for CANDY.

Despite the heat, the streets were packed.  We joined some good friends with their little kiddos and we waited for the

Charissa joined in the candy grabbing (with my coaching) for a short while.  But after a couple handfuls, she tore the wrapper off a Dum-dum and stuck it in her mouth.

And so she sat on the curb consuming sugar and watching everyone else.  I was a little bummed she wasn't running around getting candy for me participating with the others but she had already picked up a mini Milky Way so I was content. 

To the business that bravely threw chocolate off their float in the sweltering 92 degrees?  I would support you if I remembered who you were, but all I saw was the chocolate. 

So we watched the parade.

That hat earns my respect, Sir.

This kid got out of wearing the cowboy hat but he had to spin around in a circle every 4th measure.  I think I'd have worn the hat.

And the candy gatherers were busy.

Meanwhile, Charissa was handed a Popsicle. 

She had a hard time figuring out how to eat it, but she learned pretty quickly.

Brandt was totally into it.

Or not.

He even slept through the sirens.  I don't know how he did it.

This couple made me so happy :-)

A mini horse pulling a stage with a bull-whip snapping girl on top.

Charissa was impressed.

After finishing her popsicle, Charissa had a spurt of energy and grabbed a few more handfuls of candy. 

We went home and I threw half of it away. 

So next September 15th, remember the Oklahoma Land Run, then eat some candy in remembrance.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Full Disclosure

In all fairness, I feel these pictures must also be included:

After Charissa.  24 hours of labor.  Twenty. Four. Hours.

Sorry, I just had to share.

 It was a happy moment (look at that man's smile!), 
I was just recalling a couple minutes before...

Oh dear.  He must be recalling it, too.
Anyway, I thought I should add these just to show I realize it's not all puppy dogs, bubbles and rainbows.  'Cause we all know, we can't realize the good if it isn't bad once in a while. 

It's just how life is.

Friday, September 17, 2010


There are moments in my life that I will never forget...


 moments I want to treasure forever.

They remind me of where I've been.  

And seeing them, my heart remembers.   

In Luke 2:19 it says, 
"Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart."
I want to treasure the moments as they happen,
I want to look back on them with joy,
And remember the joy while tinged with the bittersweet,

because they will never be the present again.

I won't pretend to be a photographer, but I'm going to try to capture some of these moments. Someday I can look back to remember the daily joys and struggles...

and remember how wealthy I am :-)