Thursday, September 23, 2010

Parade = Candy

Last Saturday was the 123rd anniversary of the Oklahoma Land Run.  This historic event hadn't truly imprinted itself on my brain until watching "Far and Away" during a to-late movie night at college, but it did happen and here are some pictures to prove it.  Perry celebrates this anniversary with a week long fair, a rodeo, and a parade. 

We attended the rodeo Friday night and I'm very sorry I didn't get pictures for you.  Along with the fabulous rodeo events, they had some motorcyclist doing insane jumps that left my throat hurting from the screams that kept escaping from my mouth.  I didn't mean to.  It's just when someone is hurtling through the air upside down with a piece of machinery weighing goodness-knows-how-much and not touching it, my body writhes, my heart races and I scream.  And wake up small children - like my poor baby boy.  

But anyway, the following morning was the parade.  Parades are for dressing up.  Parades are for sirens.  Parades are for remembering our rich cultural heritage. 

Parades are for CANDY.

Despite the heat, the streets were packed.  We joined some good friends with their little kiddos and we waited for the

Charissa joined in the candy grabbing (with my coaching) for a short while.  But after a couple handfuls, she tore the wrapper off a Dum-dum and stuck it in her mouth.

And so she sat on the curb consuming sugar and watching everyone else.  I was a little bummed she wasn't running around getting candy for me participating with the others but she had already picked up a mini Milky Way so I was content. 

To the business that bravely threw chocolate off their float in the sweltering 92 degrees?  I would support you if I remembered who you were, but all I saw was the chocolate. 

So we watched the parade.

That hat earns my respect, Sir.

This kid got out of wearing the cowboy hat but he had to spin around in a circle every 4th measure.  I think I'd have worn the hat.

And the candy gatherers were busy.

Meanwhile, Charissa was handed a Popsicle. 

She had a hard time figuring out how to eat it, but she learned pretty quickly.

Brandt was totally into it.

Or not.

He even slept through the sirens.  I don't know how he did it.

This couple made me so happy :-)

A mini horse pulling a stage with a bull-whip snapping girl on top.

Charissa was impressed.

After finishing her popsicle, Charissa had a spurt of energy and grabbed a few more handfuls of candy. 

We went home and I threw half of it away. 

So next September 15th, remember the Oklahoma Land Run, then eat some candy in remembrance.

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Heidi said...

Fabulous! You have a talent for narrative my dear :-). My niece and nephew are absolutely precious! I love the pig tails on Charissa and Brandt in his collard shirt...AWWW! You may have to wait until you have a couple five and above year olds to gain a sufficient amount of candy--I mean have an adequate amount of parade participation, but you ought to be proud that Charissa is content with few of the little things in life :-). Thanks for sharing!