Saturday, September 18, 2010

Full Disclosure

In all fairness, I feel these pictures must also be included:

After Charissa.  24 hours of labor.  Twenty. Four. Hours.

Sorry, I just had to share.

 It was a happy moment (look at that man's smile!), 
I was just recalling a couple minutes before...

Oh dear.  He must be recalling it, too.
Anyway, I thought I should add these just to show I realize it's not all puppy dogs, bubbles and rainbows.  'Cause we all know, we can't realize the good if it isn't bad once in a while. 

It's just how life is.


julie said...
I'm your official blog stalker.
Perhaps I should post the picture...taken mere moments ago, of my potty trained himself in 48 hours 2 year old christening the dining room wall this evening.:)

Hannah said...

LOL! Oh, please do! But then you will have to delete it once he hits age 10 to maintain a relationship :-D Sounds like fun, fun, fun. Can't wait for my turn in a couple years *gulp*.