Friday, September 24, 2010

Right now...

- The top and bottom sheet on my bed don't match.  There is a reason and it involves a 5 month old.

- I'm slightly embittered towards the designer that made a Disney Princess flashlight held together by minuscule screws.

- I'm wondering why I didn't name my blog "Babies, baking, and the Bible".

 - My t-shirt and stretchy shorts both say "adidas".  Does that make it a thought out and coordinating outfit?

- I'm hoping my camera flash will resurrect.

- I wonder what I did before dry Bible highlighters.

- The "Shake Your Beanbag" song from library story time is running on repeat through my head.

- I'm wondering how I gave birth to a child with a head the size of a two-year-old's.

- I love my life.


Renia said...

ok, thought about it and still not sure. Explain the unmatching sheets.... :)

Hannah said...

Lol, oh he pooed in the bottom sheet and I was to lazy to strip the whole bed :-) It does sound a little cryptic, doesn't it? Sorry!