Sunday, September 2, 2012

Some (rather big) News

Well here it is, September.  Summer is so glorious here and this last month is promising to be spectacular as the leaves change, grasses brighten and the sun's angle sets off each rocky crevice to be remembered before it is blanketed with snow in another month or so. 

I tried to take a picture of the kids but, being my children, they don't really behave normally in front of a camera so this is the best I could do.  Or maybe...they are behaving normally and that's the problem?

Here is the little one I can hold (sort of) still for the time being.  I am now 32 weeks at the earliest.  I'm due between October 27th and November 10th so let's just go with 30 weeks so I don't get my hopes up!  He's a wiggly little thing, much to my joy.  I was given a wonderful baby shower this week and it is certain this little man is well-loved!

THE NEWS: Coming here to Cooke City, we knew it was a temporary placement.  The board wants this chapel to be a training ground for future pastors and we understood we'd be here for three years maximum.  Doug and I had agreed he wouldn't begin looking for another placement before we were here for at least two years because we love the people and place and want to be here as long as possible.  That is...(we added jokingly) unless someone called us - which really seemed like a joke since Doug applied for over 1 1/2 years before we ended up selling our home and just made ourselves available to whatever would come our way - which brought us here!

Then our friend Steve called.  He and Doug attended seminary together and their family has stayed in touch with us throughout the years.  (Aside: It was Steve's wife Carol who one day leaned over and whisper to me, "would you be interested in Doug if he was interested in you???" and I whispered back, "yes, but I don't think he likes me."  And the rest, as they say, is history...)  Steve's family is going to Kenya with Africa Inland Mission leaving open Steve's current position as Associate Pastor at Zion in Worland, WY, which is a little less than three hours away.  Steve asked Doug if he would be interested in applying for the position.  After a lot of prayer, we decided to pursue it.  That was in February.

Last Sunday, we were interviewed and Doug preached before the congregation who then voted and asked us to be their next associate pastor and family.  We accepted and will be moving there in January. 

This is very exciting but also bittersweet,  We knew we couldn't be here forever but it is still sad to say goodbye after such a short time.  We love this unique, beautiful, tough, and loving place and the thought of leaving tears my heart in two.  I guess I wouldn't want to feel any other way...

In the meantime, we will enjoy the last 4 months of our mountain paradise, pack and partially move before the eastern pass closes, have a baby, pack some more, celebrate Christmas with our wonderful congregation here, then move to our new home (the parsonage), a new town, a new job, and meet new friends.

And maybe, just maybe, we'll settle down for a couple years.


Kathy said...

You said it all, it is exciting and bittersweet to move on. You hate to leave your friends behind, but are excited to see what God has ahead for you. I will be praying for you and your family and all you have ahead of you in the next few months.

Hannah said...

Thank you, Kathy! It's been an adventure. I'm so thankful we'll have 18 months in this beautiful place.
Thank you also for your amazingly committed reading and commenting. You are always so encouraging :-)