Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dry Dock, Wet Spring

Today after church, we joined some friends for their "Dry Dock Party". 

 Which means, there was a boat out of water that the kids could climb on :-)  

We played games and roasted hot dogs.

 Brandt discovered the joys of stick horse racing.

 Charissa played bean bag toss with Daddy 
and some friends.

And then, four of us strapped on snowshoes 
and headed out to see Bridal Falls.

"Are we there yet, Mama?"

This was her first time on snowshoes.
I was pretty proud of her!

 Bridal falls!  
They were frozen solid in the winter but now the water is running

 with a bridal veil of ice surrounding it.

 On the way back, a cow moose watched us from the creek.

 The snow is melting into mud and creeks everywhere.

Boy + toy truck + mud = bliss.

It was a fun day.  

Oh, and it was 60 degrees.  
It hasn't been 60 degrees for over six months.

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