Saturday, March 24, 2012


Doug left early this morning to go ice fishing.  Spring appears to have arrived early so we're taking advantage of all the winter activities before the snow melts completely!

The kids and I had a leisurely breakfast of french toast and Nutella: the breakfast of champions.  The kids sure enjoyed being so messy.

(Please note that Brand hasn't started eating yet.)

Charissa would say "What-tella?"  And I'd say, "NUT-ella!"

I love having kids.

I crumbled an old piece of bread on our railing outside and we watched the Stellar Jays and Camp Robbers fight over the crumbs. 

"I wish I could fly like a bird, Charissa said wistfully.

I told her when her Papa (my Dad) was growing up on the island of Guam they would have hurricanes so Papa would make wings from cardboard and go outside to fly in the strong winds.

"Would you like to fly like Papa?"

"I don't know about that," she responded.

Well alrighty then.


(Note Nutella/fork tribal markings on forehead.  And orange marker in ear.)  

Breakfast was followed by a bubble bath to remove the gooey deliciousness.  It's 42 degrees now so we might skitter on outside to enjoy the weather.  The grizzlies are out but since the kids aren't covered in chocolate they should leave us alone.

I'll take bear spray just in case.

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