Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Take Heed" by Marie Garreau

My sister Marie has always been one of those lovely right brain individuals that could draw, write poetry and learn another language in no time flat.  In our childhood, I could find her wearing a cape she made herself, wandering the woods with a wreath of flowers in her hair reciting ballads.  I could go on and on about how wonderful she is but I'll just say this: she is a rock of faith and I love her.

She recently sent me this poem and, when asked, said I could share it with you all.  This message is deeply relevant.  I hope it strengthens, encourages, motivates and even warns you as it did me.

Take Heed

The extreme ecumenical unity
Pervading the church of today,
Is degrading the value of conviction,
As it croons “To each his own way.”

Is this not a spawn of our postmodern world
That would have our absolutes blurred?
The devil’s device to lead us from the truth,
Casting doubt on exclusive Word?

You may think you stand, but take heed lest you fall,
The devil is prowling loosed.
Examine your thoughts and affirm what is true,
By this world do not be seduced.

You will not be loved affirming what is truth,
Indeed you’ll be called “one who hates,”
But love them still for they do not know,
In the balance eternity waits.

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