Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wyoming - Another Adventure!

After announcing the birth of our bouncing baby boy, Blogger informed me I am now maxed out on pictures without paying per month.  I will probably cave soon to the monthly fee but I keep thinking I should research other possibilities.  Anyway, this put a stop to my blogging for a while simply because I'm a picture person and I can't bear saying something without a picture including some of my precious babies or a flower or maybe a moose or three.  Oh well.  I'm getting over that hangup just to update everything.

Ethan is fat and happy and glorious.  At 8 weeks, he sleeps at 4-5 hour intervals.  He also believes if he isn't being held his life has ended.  Charissa and Brandt adore him.  ADORE.  I wish I could post a picture of his double chin, chubby cheeks and fat roll thighs but for now, you'll have to imagine.

We had a wonderful Christmas.  Even though I knew we were moving a week afterward, we did the tree, the lights, the whole enchilada.  Or cinnamon roll, as it were.  The highlighted gift was Brandt's ukelele given to him by his favorite person, Jeff.  Jeff plays guitar and leads worship in church and he's Brandt's hero.  Our last Sunday in Cooke, Brandt stood with Jeff and "played" for everyone :-)

Our last Sunday...

On New Years Day, we moved from Cooke City, MT to Worland, WY.  This involved Doug driving for 7 hours pulling a trailer around, and on the other side me with kids snowmobiling over the closed pass with our dear friends to load up in our truck that had been parked on the other side of the pass before snowfall.  I don't know if this makes a lick of sense without a diagram.  But here we are now, in Worland!

This is the 20th move of my lifetime and I'm 28.  The 7th move in less than 7 years of marriage.  As a friend said, I used up all my coupons at the beginning of my life.  Needless to say, I'm slightly burned out on the packing/unpacking business and right now, all I want to do is think about the tree I want to stencil on the Master bedroom wall rather than, say, organize the three garbage bags of clothes emptied on the floor of my walk-in (whoo-hoo!) closet where they are sitting after my frantic Sunday morning find-something-clean-that-fits-while-my-hair-drip-dries-since-my-hairdryer-broke-shoot-I'm-late-and-I'm-the-new-pastor's-wife-AHHHH!! escapade.  I think I'll start a new blog.  It will be titled "The Put Together Pastor's Wife".  Just kidding - ha!

I am happy and sad and excited and thankful and wistful and a whole lot of other things.  Worland seems like a fantastic fit for us and we're settling in to the large parsonage (although we can't fully since the carpet will be replaced next week as Charissa keeps having allergic reactions to the previous cats).  You can read more about how God brought us to Wyoming here

I tear up to much thinking about what I miss about Cooke right now.  That blog goodbye will have to be saved for another time.  But right now, we are reveling in a back yard, eating bananas anytime we wish and being poured on with love by another wonderful group of God's people. 

And if you walk a couple blocks down, you can still see mountains.

What a wonderful chapter it was and I know it's a wonderful chapter ahead of us!

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Kathy said...

So glad to hear about this new chapter in your life. I often feel like "shoot-I'm-late-and-I'm-the-elder-who's-preaching-today's-wife" so I know just what you mean.

I got the message from blogger too about running out of room for my pictures. I need to post pictures so I caved. It's only a couple of bucks a month, but I think it's horrible that they do that to us.

Enjoy your new home!