Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where Do I Even Begin?!?

The last month has been an absolute whirlwind!  Add to that my lack of internet access and you have some serious blogger overload.  I will do my best to catch up in pictures...

We packed,

filled up two trucks, a suburban, three trailers and a car
with our earthly possessions,

 said goodbye to our house,
(where Brandt was born *snif*)

our friends...

 our land and the faithful Missy-dog. 
(she has a wonderful new home with our neighbors)

Then we drove to Colorado,

to be surrounded by mountains,

and love,

 and family.

While here, we've stayed at Doug's grandpa's home, Doug's parent's home 
and my parent's home while Doug completes various jobs for them.
(with Charissa's help, of course)

And during that time we prayed, we applied, and we waited
for the place God could best use us.

Charissa contemplated the meaning of it all.

Brandt ate chocolate (he's a little more happy-go-lucky).

We celebrated Doug's sister's graduation from college,
(Congrats, Andrea!)

and my Dad's retirement after 26 years as an Army Chaplain.
(So proud of you, Dad!)

During all of this, our Heavenly Father 
was orchestrating the next step in our lives 
with the perfection only He is capable of.  

After a very quick application process and interview, we have been called by the Mt. Republic Chapel of Peace in Cooke City, Montana.  Our start date is June 17th.  Thankfully, we haven't unpacked yet!  We've simply been ready and waiting.  Our gracious God hasn't kept us waiting long and has given us the desires of our heart - ministry in a rural mountain community, and did I mention it is only 2 miles from Yellowstone, my favorite National Park and also involves a snowmobile ministry, Doug's favorite winter sport?  We are blown away at God's faithfulness and the peace He has granted us in accepting this position.  We will be pretty remote, but "remote" in the 21st century involves having wireless internet, so I'm excited to continue sharing our journey!

Thank you all for your prayers.

So many of them have been answered!


Jamie said...

It has been 6 years since apartment 13 and I swear you don't look like you've aged a day!

Donna Fourtner said...

This is such a beautiful blog! I especially love Charissa's "thinking face" I'm so proud of that girl!!! :-)

Jenna B. said...

What an crazy, incredible journey the Lord has you guys on. I'm excited to see pictures/hear updates once y'all get to your new home!

I love the part where Brandt eats chocolate. ;)