Monday, June 20, 2011

Enjoying Our Neighborhood

Well hello!  I'm back.  I guess we had to travel to one of the least populated places in the U.S. for you to hear from me again.  We're now in Cooke City, MT and are settling in nicely.  The log parsonage is beautiful and the surrounding scenery is even more so.  The above is a panoramic view so picture it as a 180 degree turn.  Our guardian mountain and the namesake of our Chapel is Mount Republic.  It's kind of pretty.  I like to look at it, which is good since it's in my immediate front yard. 

We have a few other things in our yard.  This doe has taken up residence with her precious little twinkies in a cluster of trees.  They have been eating their breakfast and practicing their wobbly legs each morning as we watch from our dining room table.

 This young bull moose came to check out our salt lick which was, alas, empty.  But he'll be back soon, along with the other couple moose we've greeted.  Brandt likes to greet them quite loudly.  Maybe he things he's speaking moose.

 The following signs are everywhere.  Apparently we live in the most Grizzly-populated part of the lower 48. 

 The following picture is for my Mother, Doug's Mother and all the other loving worrywarts in our lives.
We've got the "Grizzly Tough" pepper spray!  We're saved!
(Joking aside, this stuff would probably kill me, so I think it could do some good damage if the need arises - which hopefully won't.)

 This winter Cooke City has seen about 250% of their average winter snowfall and summer is having a hard time kicking into gear.  
That's okay with Charissa.  She loves the snow and has her "Montana Boots" to stomp around.

We have met so many friendly faces since arriving and can't wait to get to know everyone - which is certainly possible in a town with a population under 100.  I keep thinking I need to pinch myself to make sure this isn't a dream! 

(Heads up for anyone that actually reads my blog: I'm going to have a giveaway tomorrow so come back!)


Jamie Laslo said...

Are you sure you didn't just die and go to heaven? I always knew all those early mornings when I was tripping over dear Avery's furry head that you'd eventually end up somewhere like this :)

Lisa said...

Ahhhhh! Thank you so much for the updates and photos, Hannah! We Adamses are all very excited for y'all and love y'all dearly. Please hug your precious family for us. :)