Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Little Home Tour

This is for those of you who have asked for a peek inside.  Since I shoved things in hidden corners have unpacked now, here is a little tour of our home :-)  Welcome, welcome and don't walk to far in the backyard, Mama Moose wouldn't appreciate it...and consequently neither would you.  I was a chicken and asked Doug to take the outside pictures.  Mama Moose is BIG, man!

Where we enter

The ugly side I didn't want to post but then didn't want to leave it out.

 Living Room

 Looking Up


 Dining Room

Master Bedroom

 Kid's Room

Bathroom (between the bedrooms)

 Laundry (bathroom is to the left & basement door is behind me)

Loft/Doug's Study

If you look to the far left you can see the door to our storage.
The basement is open on one side, right under our porch.

 (turn a 180* and this is what you see)

These pics are taken while standing in front of the door.
The porch is one story up, like an observation deck.
Window seen is the dining room's.

 Window is the living room's.

See the grill in the above pic?  My back is to it here.  
The door you see there is the main entrance.  
The gate goes to the church parking lot, highway and hopefully not bison.

View from the porch


 to the right,

 to the left.

And there you have it! 



Lisa said...

Ahhhhhh! My heart leaps with joy for y'all! So lovely, so cozy, so perfect.

Libba said...

HOLY COW IT'S SO GORGEOUS!!! i love all the wonderful wood!

Erika said...

Whoa! That's a nice place! Is the basement an old SS room? Or the where the church originally met? It looks so much like a church I have been to in MT. Not in your neck of the woods, but just curious!

Beth Martin said...

Hannah I love your house! It's so cute and your view... wow! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah! It's Jolynda. Glad that you all made it safe and are getting settled. Your place looks awesome and the view is amazing and so beautiful!! I've never been to Yellowstone so I just may have to make a trip up that way sometime! Love you all!

Mary said...

Wow!!! I bet this surpasses your expectations of a cabin/parsonage! Everything is beautiful!