Wednesday, June 22, 2011



 "Hey Mama!  Come wif me!"

 "Sit down and watch my fwower gwow."

 Charissa keeps reminding us that she is growing "bigga and bigga".  
Doug talked to her about this yesterday, reminding her that when she is big, he won't be able to carry her around anymore and that will be so sad.
She insisted that will not be the case.
"You can cawwy me even when I'm BIG BIG, wike Mama."

 So today, "wemember" they won't be small forever.
They are growing "bigga and bigga".

(Also remember she is saying I'm big in proportion to herself - ahem.)

Enjoy watching your little flowers grow!

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Donna said...

AHHH!!! I LOVE my niece and I LOVE that picture!!!