Friday, June 24, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

One-year-olds aren't necessarily known for their patience.  Poor Brandt is particularly lacking in it.  After eating, he will usually give the sign for "finished" and then promptly start screaming, squalling and carrying on like the flood waters are coming and he will surely die while confined in his little high chair. 

Last night I couldn't help it...I let him sit and snapped pictures, giggling the whole time.  I'm so mean (hehehe).


 He takes a break to feed sister the stray pieces of rice off his tray.

 But then remembers the torture he's going through.

I promise, he was eventually removed, bathed, given a chocolate chip cookie, had his teeth brushed and then rocked to sleep.  I'm not always this mean.


Beth Ann Zeller said...

I'm calling CPS and fighting for custody.

Donna said...

ha ha ha! The 10th picture is my favorite!