Monday, July 4, 2011

Just the Kids

I know that a certain Nana has recently been experiencing some serious grandbaby withdrawals and I have a feeling she's not alone.  I told the kids about this so they decided to tell you a bit about the past few days.  Enjoy!

Hi.  Dis is Charissa tawking to you.  A foo days ago (Saturday) we hiked up and up and up to dis pwace cawd "Cwazy Cweek".  It was willy, willy pwetty and der were WOTS of fwowers and I picked wots of dem. 

My fav-wit pawt was when I dot to throw wots of sticks into dah water.

Brandt here.  Yeah, Crazy Creek was pretty cool.  I gotta ride on Mama's back in this suh-weet backpack thing.  Everyone thinks I'm just "so cute" in it and all. 

I liked the water and how cold it was when we stood next to it but my favorite part?  We had a picnic, man.  And picnic means FOOD.  I'm all about the food.

Dis is Charissa.  Yestaday?  Daddy had to go and work at dah church in dah morning?  Mama wet us watch a MO-vie while she went and dot weddy for church!  It kept her nice and quiet for twenty minutes and dat was nice 'cause she can be willy noisy.

Yeah, Brandt again.  Later on Sunday we drove for like, ETERNITY (Mom said it was only around 2 hours but I think she meant 2 YEARS) through this place called Yellowstone and we saw buffalo and bears and elk 'n stuff.  We got out and hiked near Lake Yellowstone. 

My favorite part was when we went to this gym at the big resort there for a worship service.  This group of people from a place called Taiwan thought I was the best thing on earth and made me run and laugh and kept picking me up and kissing my cheeks.  That gym had some rocking acoustics, man!

I wuved to see aw dah buffalo and we saw dis bear but I wooked through dis wong "telescope" thingy and it wooked wike a willy little bear so I asked if I could see a big bear.  Mama said dah bear would be wots bigga if it was closer to me.  I called Wake Yewwostone "dah Ocean" and I dot to wun and wun awound.

Taday is cawd dah 4th of Ju-why.  We went and dah Firemen made us yummy food.  I wiked dah cupcakes dah best!

After I ate dah cupcake awe up, I went and played bean bag toss wif Daddy and I was willy good betaws I wearned jus how to do it!  Evwyone else twies to frow dem from so far away, dah siwwy-willys!

I was WILLY good at it!

Brandt again.  Yeah, the 4th and all, I liked it.  I sat on a lady's lap while Mom and Dad ate and she fed me pickles.  They are awesome, man!  Then I ate this cookie and it kept falling on the ground so it got properly seasoned with like, dirt and all which is my favorite way to eat anything.  I was studying Charissa's bean bag strategy pretty carefully so I can cream her next year.

So when we got home?  I walked from the suburban all the way to the house and only fell once!  I'm pretty amazing!

Wehww, dis is Charissa again.  We better go and take our naps so we can go eat hambuwgers and watch dah fireworks.  A man towd Daddy dat they are WILLY WILLY woud out here taws of dah "echos" fwum dah mountains.  I won't be scared betaws I will be awwwwww snuggly as a bug in my bwanket on Mama's wap!  Good-night my wittle muffins!

Charissa and Brandt


Beth Ann Zeller said...

Aw, Thanks, babies! Nana loves you! (and Brandt, those sure are cool boots!)

Kathy said...

Hi, Hannah. I found you through a comment you made on the Pioneer Woman's blog. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I too am a child of the King, the oldest in a large family (10 for us) and got married in 2006. Sometimes your posts really get me thinking. They are full of such wisdom. Other times I laugh so hard. I love the stories about your kids. You are a talented writer.