Friday, July 15, 2011

Ol' Friends

Yesterday we drove (and drove and drove and...) to Jackson, WY.  It took a while because we had to drive through Yellowstone and the Teton National Parks the whole way through.  It's a crying shame I have to live in such an ugly part of the world.  You should feel sorry for me.

We met up with our friends Nick and Julie along with their cherubic-angle-pixie baby, Hope. 

She alone made the drive totally worth it.

Julie and I were friends in college.  She didn't like me at first (maybe-perhaps having to do with a certain older brother of her's maybe-perhaps liking me a little) but once that ended, she and I realized we were meant to be friends.  We have so many amazing memories together involving ice cream, running, hysterical laughter and some pretty tough trials as well.  

We connected in such a different time of life but God has brought us to similar paths now with husbands and babies.  It was wonderful to see her (and Nick) again after over two years.


And it was a pleasure meeting you, Miss Hope!
(Isn't she just delicious???)

I'm glad we got to see the Tetons again, too.  
Especially after our last visit.

God continues to amaze me in so many ways!

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Julie said...

That is so fun that you got to see Julie! Piles of cute kids and happy faces in those pics:)