Monday, July 11, 2011

The Man-oh

Brandt decided that taking an afternoon nap wasn't on his schedule.  Charissa was asleep and Doug was gone; so instead of wrestling him into a nap, we hung out for a while on the porch.  He is such a busy, adventurous and goofy little guy.  

We've hardly heard one word from him although "Mama" is a mainstay and "Daddy" is heard on occasion.  Sign language happens every once in a while but it usually involves Charissa showing him how, then he grins and looks at me like, "what she said, Mom!"  It usually works.

Yelling into a cup or yelling in general is his preferred form of communication.  He has started to throw the most hysterical temper fits which involve flopping full length on the ground while moaning and screeching.  He'll pick himself off the ground, look to see it he's accomplished anything and then flop down to repeat.  

This usually results in my trying to stifle helpless giggling. 

Don't be like me.

 I say, "Smile Brandt" and this is what he does, the lil' cheeseball.

 I could just eat him up.

Brandt's easy-going personality certainly lends itself to being a far more laid back parent, (despite his tendency to land on his head every 8.7 seconds).  All the change he's gone through in the past few months has hardly phased him and to that I give a hearty "Praise the LORD!"

It's amazing to see the blossoming personality gifted to my little man.

I love being his "Mama".

Bumps, bruises, temper fits and banana kisses all included.


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