Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello, Big Boy!

Charissa was born with a dark shock of hair and it never went away.  Really, I prayed before we were even married that, if we had a girl, she would get the hair of her daddy and not my baby fine, pin straight stuff.  My prayers were answered!  She has gorgeous hair.  Her head is covered in dark, curly, luscious locks that I would willingly kill a cat to have.  Well, like a feral cat that no one loves, maybe.  Oh wait, I already did that.  Yes.  A story for another time.  I'm still waiting for my hair.  But anyway...

Brandt was born with a touch of dark hair and it quickly turned light blonde.  With his almost-black eyes, it presents quite a contrast.  It has stayed very fine and has hardly grown at all for his almost two years.  Recently, I realized that it was pretty long on the back of his head, the matted bed-head part, and he had a nice fringe over his ears.  So, the moment had come.  My baby needed a hair cut.

He was pretty good except a few parts - which were when we brought out the camera, of course.  Charissa dressed up for the occasion.  I'm making my "empathy noises" which is why the mouth is wide open.

"My hair.  It is gone.  Waaah!!"

After a bubble bath, he was happy to snuggle down in bed with the menagerie of stuffed animals he insists on having to sleep.  He has 2 dogs, a fox, a monkey, a horse and a giant leopard to keep him company.  He is fluent in all their languages.

He doesn't appear to be to emotionally scarred, does he?

What a big man.


Angie said...

Oh, how fun!! I noticed the other day that IF we were going to cute T's hair it would definately need one for the same reason...Congrats to Brandt on his first cut!!

Jenna B. said...

He looks like he survived to sport his dapper-doo quite nicely.

Hannah, you know your next post had to be about the killing-a-cat story, right?!