Monday, October 8, 2012

Brandt, Boo Skin, and the Phantom Chicken Nugget

Today we went to Cody, WY.  It's a great place especially in the fall when the tourism is down, the air is crisp and everything is on sale.  Seriously, if you ever go to Cody, go in the fall. 

The kids and I went to one of those tourist traps in which Charissa fell in love with a stuffed, improbably pink horse with "Wyoming Princess" embroidered in silvery letters across its chest.  It was 20% off, so, shucks, I bought it.  Brandt discovered a brown rabbit pelt, stroking it with love.  I asked him if he liked "the bunny skin", a comment which obviously insulted him when he responded with a deep growl "BOO skin!  Rawwl!" and he made claws with his chubby fingers.'s apparently a bear skin.  My bad, son.  Please don't take my calling it a "bunny" as an insult to your masculinity.  The Boo Skin has joined the pink princess horse as part of our family.  Brandt carried it with him everywhere for the rest of the day. 

On our way home, we grabbed two, 5-piece chicken nuggets from Wendy's for the kids to munch.  It had been a long day with no nap and lots of activity. I chuckled watching Brandt's valiant attempt to finish all five pieces without nodding off.  He finally zonked out with one last bite between his fingers, the empty box in his other hand.  I reached back and removed them, finishing off the bite myself. 

Literally 45 minutes later, I noticed Brandt stirring.  Without opening his eyes, he lifted his still-pinched fingers to his mouth and began to eat that last piece of phantom chicken nugget, his mouth munching away.  He finally realized something was amiss and one eye cracked to look, then the other eye joined to glare, at his empty hand.  He then lifted his other fist which clutched the phantom chicken nugget box.  His eyes blinked and focused as he stared into the air held in his hand.  Where DID that last piece of nugget go??  Finally, exhausted with the effort of understanding, he heaved a deep sigh, dropped his hands into his lap and went back to sleep for the rest of the trip. 

I'm glad he managed to sleep because I was about to pass out with suppressed laughter.  He's in his bed now, tummy full of four and a half chicken nuggets, hand resting on Boo Skin. 

I love this kid.

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Kathy said...

I had to chuckle at this post.
what cute kids you have. It's a mom's option to finish the chicken nuggets, but what a surprise poor Brandt had when he woke up!