Thursday, October 4, 2012

Traffic Blessings

I'm back home after 2 1/2 weeks in Colorado visiting family with my kiddos.  It was long enough that I could "just be" rather than scurry off to the next event.  Glorious.  More pictures to come.

I had to drive through Denver on my way.  A fender-bender closed four lanes of traffic (I have no idea how they managed that) and backed up traffic for a good hour.  This mountain girl was feeling pretty claustrophobic.  Then, I saw him...

He was watching the traffic start and stop with the "I'm watching but I'm only half interested" look only a mule can have.  His head would occasionally vanish only to pop back with a new mouthful of hay.  I wished I could just hop on his back, weave through all those stopped cars and head for the hills.  He made me laugh and feel a little more at home in that big 'ol city.

Yesterday, when driving through "The Park" (as everyone calls it), the mule came to my mind as a great herd of buffalo backed up paranoid tourists, undoubtedly chuckling under their buffalo beards at the chaos they were creating.  I punched my steering wheel and wished someone would just drive through the herd - they WILL move, folks. 

But then I had to stop and give thanks that this is the only traffic issue I face on any sort of regular basis. 
So I grabbed a snack and tried to look disinterested like my friend mule.

I'll take tourist rage over road rage any day.


Libba said...

Awesome!! I've been eagerly checking your blog daily to see if you'd posted anything new. I love your writing.

Hannah said...

Thanks, Libba! I'm sorry I'm the worst blogger in the world but thanks for the encouragment :-)