Friday, February 11, 2011

Gross Out

I have castrated billy goats.
Mucking horse stalls was my life for three months.
I can process meat with the best of them.
I dissected an eyeball and thought it was cool.
I gave mouth to mouth resuscitation to a still-born goat kid (it lived, btw).
Charissa is a cloth diaper graduate and Brandt is currently in them.

Why am I telling you this?  'Cause I want to point out that I am usually a rather gnarly person.  I don't want to scare you away!  I like ya a whole lot!  But I am who I am...and sometimes that involves gross things.

But gnarly as I am, I can not, for the life of me, stand the little stringy things on the outsides of bananas.  They make my gag reflex...flex.  Do you even know what I'm talking about?  Please tell me you do because if you don't, and you have eaten bananas, then you might have, *gag*, consumed one of them!

When my husband eats a banana and I spy the little stringy things still on the banana as it enters his mouth, I freak.  I have been known to grab at them on their journey to his mouth.

Before feeding my baby a banana, I pick and pluck and thoroughly inspect to ensure not one weird stringy thing will enter my offspring's open mouth.  He trusts me!  How could I do that to him??

So anyway, I love bananas, but those stringy things are [one of] my gross out quirk.  What is yours?  Do you have one?  Or are you gnarly in every situation?  I knew a girl who claimed the feeling of terry cloth made her nauseous.  I know some of you have to have a weird one :-)

Random Fact: did you know if you push your finger into the middle of a banana it will divide into three equal pieces? 

Well, now you do!

(And I'm realizing, along with the Pioneer Woman, that my hands in pictures are terrifying.  That is all.)


whenpigsfly said...

You crack me up Hannah!!! As a nurse and midwife, mamma to many, goat farmer and horse owner, I have found that very little grosses me out as well, BUT FOR cleaning somebody's nasty food-covered dentures, or finding slimed out spoiled produce in my fridge produce drawer. WE are kindred spirits, tough as nails but jsut vulenrable enough!!!!! LOL

Mary said...

Did you know that 67% of the nutrients in a banana are in the skin? The strings are the best part of a banana! In fact, I save them till last then pop them in one by one.... Yummy!!!! BTW, jk on all of the above:)

Libba said...

i have to pick all the strings off oranges/clementines etc before popping the slices in my mouth. and, like you, am grossed out by banana strings. ick. but i'm not much of a banana fan in the first place. the strings merely contribute to my overall lack of of a desire to attempt to eat them. :O)

Jenna B. said...

I may not loathe bananas like you do, but still avoid the strings! It's so funny what some people can stomach that will send others into a frenzy. Just last night I said the word "placenta" and my husband started to dry gag! Haha.

Renia said...

Too funny Hanna. I somehow missed this one. too funny...but I TOTALLY Agree with you. I feel the same way with the white stringy thing on an egg yoke. It's called the CHALAZAE, but I try to get out of my egg when possible at least when making eggs for myself. ;)