Monday, February 7, 2011

Prayer of a Princess

While visiting family in Colorado, Charissa was playing dress-up with Laurel about 90% of the time.  She would come downstairs in a different frilly something-or-other about every hour, announce that she was a princess, parade around for the admiring crowd, then return upstairs in search of her next costume. 

Upon returning home, Charissa didn't know what to do with herself.  "Mama?  I need a pwincess dwess," she would say, sighing deeply.  She started wearing her Sunday dresses, changing them as often as I would assist her in pulling them off the hanger, but she would still sigh and say "day awen't PWINCESS dwesses."  Something needed to happen, or my laundry load was going to spiral out of control.

Finally, I sat Charissa down and told her that maybe she should ask God for a princess dress.  He hears all of our prayers and if we have a desire in our heart, we can tell Him.  She nodded solemnly, squinched up her eyes and said, "Fader? Pweese bwing me a pwincess dwess so I can be a pwincess.  Amen."

I checked craigslist and I went to thrift stores but nothing was found.  I saw them at the store...but $20 for a bunch of tulle seemed rather steep.  I finally went to Hobby Lobby to find supplies for producing something "princess-ey" but didn't come up with much my limited sewing skills could handle.

But I remembered Charissa's prayer and had peace that God would provide her a pwincess dwess, however He may choose to do it.

At church yesterday, one of my friends took me aside into the nursery and opened the door to a cabinet.  Inside the cabinet were seven princess dresses, eight pairs of glamorous heels, assorted capes & scarves, and a tiara.  "Take these home with you," she said, "Charissa can play with them at home and enjoy them."

  I told Charissa that her prayer was answered. 

That God knows she is His princess and He chose to give her these dresses. 

 She clasped her hands, "Fawder!  Tank you for awl my pwincess dwesses!  Amen!"

 As she put those outfits on one by one and twirled around the room, 
my eyes got misty.

  That God would hear the simple prayer of a little girl and grant her wish, however frivolous it may have been,

 He truly is a loving Father!


Beth Ann Zeller said...


moonduster said...

I got teary-eyed just reading this! I have a little princess too. She's five and she loves being a princess, dressing up as a princess, wearing pink and glittery outfits, and all things girly.

Libba said...

awe! i just teared up too! how sweet for her to learn that simple, childlike prayers and faith are all we need.

Mary said...

What a wonderful way to let your princess know how much God loves and cares for her needs. I don't care what "Mr. Grumpy" said, you are a GREAT mother!!!

Erika said...

I am so impressed with you for making it a lesson. We had a sermon on prayer this last week and it has added to me. Just thinking of even the littlest things, giving God our desires even in the little things.
What a wonderul lesson for C to learn! And how amazing that it would be answered so quickly!

Donna said...

I am now sitting at my desk tearing up because I just read this again. She is a beautiful princess!