Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines and other matters

I know, Valentine's Day was yesterday but I didn't blog yesterday because...well, because I didn't, I guess.  

Anyway, it was frigidly cold the few days before heart day, so our sweet critter, Missy, and her now-best buddy (since Clyde is still gone *sigh*) Jack came into the warmth of our laundry room during the below zero temps.  This is Missy telling me she thinks I'm wonderful for letting her inside, but it really was very, very cruel to trap her in the little laundry room so she couldn't come trip me in the kitchen, drop ticks on the floor and cuddle.  It's such a hard life.

 Charissa made heart bracelets for her friends on Valentine's Day.  
It was a fun little project :-)

In honor of the beautiful Oklahoma snow, I taught Charissa how to make snowflakes.  I guess I did most of the work, she just unfolded them.  They are so pretty!  It should snow more often so we can enjoy them inside and out!  (That's my inner Colorado girl.  Here in Okieland, snow means death and despair, staples such as bread and Dr. Pepper vanish off the shelves, the roads are coated in tons of salt and they cancel the "Today" show to show coverage of people stuck in drifts.  And they are pretty impressive drifts, I'm not going to lie!)

The past few days have been simply glorious with birdies singing, sun shining and the smell of living things just waiting to burst forth from their winter slumber.  It's going to be a glorious spring!

 And because he's adorable and messy and you can see his new TOOTH, 
here is Brandt to wish you a pleasant evening!


Anonymous said...

Hannah, You are such a good mommy.But you had an excellent teacher. God bless you and your family.
carrie maskevich

Hannah said...

Thank you so much, Carrie! I love being a mommy and I certainly have been blessed with a wonderful role model :-) Hope you all are well!