Monday, February 21, 2011

Perhaps...'s time to re-install the child safety locks on our cabinets.  I say re-install because every single one has been broken by *ahem* ME while trying to access things in said cabinets and yanking them really hard. 

I was always surprised at the resistance.
Even after a year of their presence, I would yank.  Hard. 
The flimsy plastic locks finally just gave up.
That weird adult-child was to strong for them.

Brandt has discovered the joys of removing everything out of the cabinet and hurling them around the kitchen.  It makes such a fabulous noise.

 There is such an attraction.

 He has such a dedication of purpose.

 I can't help but admire it.

"Yeah!  I ROCK!"

 So I cleaned it all up and not one second later...

"Heh heh, she stacked them up just for ME!"


His sister is, of course, behaving perfectly in the living room.
See her beautiful pink nails?


 Hum.  Maybe not so perfectly...

Maybe they know I'm the one that broke the security locks. 

Can't I get a little respect around here?

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Mary said...

Thanks so much for the laughs!!! You (and your kiddos) are so funny!