Saturday, February 19, 2011


We were outside.  It was gorgeous.  Together, we turned the dirt in our garden.  Doug and Charissa with shovels, me with a rake smoothing things out after them.  I asked Charissa to take a picture of me and Doug and the first result...I think will be the cover of our album.  If we ever, you know, make an album to need a cover.


There we are!  
(Bad hair day would be an understatement.  I was doing manual labor, okay??)

"Hi Daddy!"

 Love my sweet girl!

 Love my little man-o!

There was a full-price contract on our home but it has fallen through.  Thankfully, we know God is in control of all this, not us :-)  We've decided to keep acting like we'll be here for a while and go ahead with planting our garden in a couple weeks.  We figure someone else wouldn't mind moving in with a producing garden!

Our interview with Village Missions was on Thursday and it went very well.  We're very excited to see how God works out everything that needs to happen if the mission field is in His plans for us - it's all in His far-more capable hands!

Have a blessed Sunday!

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Sarah :) said...

oh my goodness WHAT A GREAT FIRST PICTURE!!!! It seriously looks like a jeans advertisement. That's awesome :)