Friday, December 23, 2011


The presents you see behind the extremely excited princess is from some sweet friends of ours.  She asks if she can open it every day.  You should have seen her eyes when it came through the door.  It's as big as her!

We're all getting ready for the festivities of the weekend.  The community is gathering for a Christmas Eve dinner, we'll have a Candlelight Service that night and then in the morning - a Christmas Service! 

Hopefully, we'll be fully packed by the end of today so Doug can take the loaded suburban on the 5 hour drive from here to Livingston to Billings to the Pilot parking lot tomorrow morning.  That way, we can snowmobile over the pass and be on our way to Colorado by Christmas evening.  Having a 20 minute drive become 5 hours due to the unplowed pass to our East is a tad complicated but nothing we can't handle :-)

Time to make some of these for Christmas morning.  Enter at your own risk.  Thank you forever, Pioneer Woman.

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Kathy said...

A wonderful and blessed Christmas, Hannah, to you and your family.