Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ladies Day Out (Cooke City Style)

Today, I joined two friends on a last minute shopping trip/hair appointments.  This involves a few steps:

1) On a glorious, sparkling, pristine morning when it was precisely 1 degree according to our thermometer, we loaded the family in the suburban and drove a couple miles into town to where the highway is no longer plowed.

2) I met my friend on her snowmobile and we drove 12 miles over Coulter Pass. 

3) Stopped at the Pilot parking lot where we left the snowmobiles, scraped off the car, loaded up and drove another 70+ miles over another (very icy) pass and arrived in Cody, WY.

 4) Ate lunch, shopped at various stores, did various errands, made sure to arrive at our own respective hair appointment with the same lady.

5) Bundled back in the car, drove back to Pilot parking lot where we loaded up the snowmobiles with our goodies and started back over the pass. 
- It was a freezing and exceptionally clear night so the stars were amazing and I might have had to flip up my foggy face shield to stare at them - only do this if you are a passenger.

- Also, I had to hold onto a large box of rolls for the Christmas dinner and we...uh...lost the sled carrying all our groceries and had to turn around to reattach it.

6) Arrived back in town where my husband helped load all my groceries.  Drove a couple miles down the road home to snuggle my sweet babies and eat chili.

I might have mentioned it before, but I will again:



Beth Ann Zeller said...

You are a brave lady. What a day! See you soon :)

Sarah :) said...

That sounds like fun! But, I gotta be honest, I am a HUGE fan of living 1/4 of a mile (across the street) from Bi-Lo. And I would HATE to have to do that every week (??) for groceries. so much work....