Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Lately I have stepped back from blogging to seek more perspective on what I am doing here at Treasuring It Up.  

I am truly blessed beyond any reasoning.  I love to share my family and the amazing daily moments.  But sometimes my blog becomes entirely me-focused and I know it shouldn’t be so.

I paused because I want this blog to be more than what it is.  I wanted to up the ante and really DO something.  I even transferred my entire blog to WordPress but through a series of unfortunate events decided that now was not the time to confuse myself with learning a whole new system.

I had started to feel that I wanted to be a newer and popular and socially accepted woman when what I truly needed to do is go deeper and seek after the only One who can make my joy complete.  I need to be marinating myself in God’s Word to truly be full.  

The only way to be new is through Christ’s blood.  

Popularity was never on Jesus’ agenda.

I am accepted on Christ’s work alone, not by trying to be something I’m not.

After prayer and conversations, I’ve realized I want to give more than I can right now and it would be wrong to push otherwise.  Seasons of life come and go and perhaps someday this blog will be a beautifully designed resource with its own dotcom.  Now is not that time.

I’m the wife of a loving and dedicated pastor.  I am a mommy to my daughter and son.  I am keeper of this home – something I don’t take half as seriously as I should.  Charissa is so eager to learn to write and read; I’m trying to give her the time she needs in homeschooling.  I’m a part-time employee at Antlers.  Starting in January, I will be teaching a Bible study on Philippians.  Starting in February, I will begin an online class with CCEF – which is only possible through a wonderful scholarship – and will hopefully be able to continue for certification as a counselor.  

All of that to say: my plate is currently full.  

Treasuring It Up will continue with pictures of my favorite places and people, little things that bring joy or inspire, and an occasional babble about current events.  It isn’t anything that will get me nominated for the Bloggies, but I’m not here for that.  I’m here to share a bit of my life and what God is doing through me. 

He sure has His work cut out for Him…but you know that already. 

(And thanks for sticking around, whomever you might be)


Jamie Laslo said...

My very favorite writing quote is from Ann Lamott. "Lighthouses don't go running all over an island looking for boats to save. They just stand there shining." so just keep shining, friend, and blooming where you are planted. We all know that the latter is your special talent.

Hannah said...

Thank you so much, Jamie. That is exactly what I needed to hear. "You in your small corner, and I in mine" - we'll change the world through God's grace alone :-)

mmgarreau said...

You are a lighthouse to me sweet sister! I love to see how God is forming and transforming you. Be encouraged that God will use you in every beautiful way that He chooses as you continue to offer your body as a living sacrifice to Him. And I know you are doing just that.