Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Catch Up

Have you ever seen "Marley and Me"?  (Proceed with caution: could cause inconsolable weeping.)  Anyway, there is a part when John Grogan tries to cover the span of a year in naming highlights at lightening speed for about 2 minutes.  Well, this isn't a year, it's really only about two months, but that's how I felt posting this. 

Since the middle of October,
We carved a pumpkin,

 Joined the Cooke City School in a Field Trip to Rocky Creek Farm,

and for their Halloween party.
Brandt was a leopard,

 Charissa was a cow,

and we went trick-or-treating with the five other kids in town.
The hotel owner unlocked the vending machine for them.
Only in Cooke City.

Fall was glorious,

There was a "Girls Only Sleepover",

 and Doug and I went on a date to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.
(our first date since getting here in June!)


Brandt loves green applesauce,

 Playing in the snow,

 And playing with big sis' things
...much to her chagrin.

 He also wears the cutest Sorel snowboots ever known to mankind.

 Charissa is beautiful and insightful,

She now knows and writes every letter of the alphabet in order.
I am thanking the brains God gave her and LeapFrog for this development.

 She loves crafts,

 And writing letters.

 She also loves to "read" her Bible with a flashlight before going to sleep.


We have snow everywhere,

A grizzly at the workplace,

Four moose at our salt lick,


And a buffalo out our window.

We even got a picture of all smiles for the Christmas card
which I actually sent this year.

God is good and He continues to bless us!

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