Friday, November 5, 2010


I try to post every day.  But this week was not made of days - it was a crazy smashed together grouping of sunrises and sunsets that somehow flashed before my eyes and I now sit before you saying I have no idea what happened and please forgive me. 

Because I know you are deeply bitter about my not blogging all week.  Because I know your day doesn't feel complete without reading a blog post from me. 

Yes, I know.

But anyway, here are a few random tidbits of our life this week...

- My home is cleaner and more organized than it ever has been in our life together as household and housekeeper.  Today a Realtor came and took notes to write up a listing contract.  I now must keep my home clean and organized so he can come take pictures on Monday.  This will be interesting.

- The frost came last night and since I'm not some freaky gardener that goes outside and throws her body over the tomatoes to sustain them with her own body heat, I now have a dead garden with mushy, frozen vegetables in my backyard.  Whats that?  You say there are cheap thingies called cold frames that you can place over your plants to protect them?  What do I look like, someone to go the easy route on things?  It's the personal body heat or death around here.  I guess.  That or I'm just not paying attention to frost forecasts.  Moving on...

- I had a fever of 103.7* a week ago yesterday.  I rarely get fevers.  I was one sick little puppy dog.  Charissa and Brandt have both had it as well.  Now we all have a cough.  Hello winter :-P

- This past Monday we had a bunch of friends over for our little preschool time.  We gathered leaves and pressed them between waxed paper.  Then I gave them a cookie with three colors of frosting and leaf sprinkles to decorate.  We had fun!

Behind our pond on a leaf hunt!

- Last Sunday, Doug and I listened to the entire book of Acts on CD.  What an incredible book.  Seriously, read it straight through - it will change the way you think.

- I am reading "Radical" by David Platt and "Tortured for Christ" by Richard Wurmbrand.  If you think the stories of Acts are stuck in the 1st century, you'll be shocked. 

- Did you know there are more Christian martyrs now than during the Roman Empire?  People are tortured and murdered for their faith daily in many corners of the earth.  That is something I just hadn't considered much, honestly.  The "right of religious freedom" bubble in the U.S. makes me take to much for granted.  I must remember that it is not a "right" but a privilege and I shouldn't be surprised when it is challenged.  We are strangers in this world, after all.

- Brandt wore a little plaid shirt today.  It was to cute for words so I have to post a picture.

(I'm sorry I routinely cut the tip off my subject's head.  
I'm working on this character flaw...along with a couple other ones.)

- There is a man up the road that processes game (like, cuts up critters and puts them in those nice and neat packages most people see).  Let's just say he has been busy with hunting season.  And let's also say he is not very particular about where the unusable parts land.  And let's further say our dogs are very fat and happy while our front yard looks like a Midevil battle ground.  We have had some interesting, toddler-level discussions on death lately.  

- Did you really want to know that?  Sorry.  It's part of my life.  I'm just sharing it with you.

- I could go on with about 1,000 more bullet points but I will stop for now.  

- Because I want you to keep coming back.

- And I don't want to bore you further.

- And it's past my bedtime.

- Good-night.


Renia said...

lets hope that the bullets are not live. ;) and please fo on it is nice to hear someone else talking about the things that I miss or see that someone else has varied and interesting conversations with little ones. And I will admit that the pic of Brandt in the plaid was indeed very cute. hope you all are feeling better.

Angie said...

Brandt in plaid...very handsome. Us picking leaves...very cold!! We all look so cold, except C who looks estatic!!

Sarah said...

I'm loving plaid these days too....every shirt that I picked up for Silas in the past couple weeks has been plaid flannel :)

Hannah said...

Renia - stay at home mommies are some of the most interesting folks I know :-) I'll be sure to keep you entertained with more bullet points in the future since that's how my mind works...

Angie - don't we look just freezing?! Charissa cracks me up. She was so excited to have all her friends over :-D

Sarah - there is something about little men in plaid flannel. Maybe it's because the big men in my life wear plaid flannel as well :-)