Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fer sale, ya'll

I say it like that because I have embraced my more recently-grown Oklahoman roots and I'm proud to say it.  After all, my sweet son was born here, some of my best friends live here and, shucks, its just a great place to live and raise children.  But we believe God is opening some doors in non-Oklahoma territory and so we are putting our home on the market with hopes that it will sell soon.  (Our Realtor has a great last name, by the way.)

Allow me to show you a close up of the facial expression here...

That is not a snarl.  Indeed, it is an "I am proud to have lived the majority of my life in Okie-land" face. 

I think.

The autumn is beautiful in Oklahoma, too.  

This is the maple tree in our backyard.

I'm going to miss it here.

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