Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sisterly Love & Leaves

I am in South Carolina visiting my sister Marie, her husband and my brother-in-law Michael, nephew Tobias and sister Heidi.  Heidi is here helping out as Michael recovers from Guillian-Barre Syndrome.  In between everything else, we're getting in some good sister time, which is vitally important.

I'm the eldest of thirteen kids.  Thirteen - 13 - a baker's dozen.  Being from a big family has many perks, one of them being you have a wide selection of live-in friends to choose from.  I choose all of them.  We laugh, we talk, and we occasionally throw leaves at each other. 

And on this particular occasion, I had to take a lot of pictures of Marie
because I haven't seen her act like this for a long, long time.

She's had a lot happen lately.

And I like pictures of her.  She's beautiful. 

Of course, I have to take pictures of Heidi, too,
because she is fun while also remaining normal. 

She is the only normal Zeller.

We make fun of her sometimes,
but only in love and because she takes it so, so well.

And she's beautiful, too.

Tomorrow, we will be baking together.  We grew up baking together and its certainly one of our most treasured memories.  Marie's making the pecan pie, I'm making the pumpkin pie and Heidi is making some kind of Double Chocolate Chocolate Chip Mocha Biscotti (she's kind of an over-achiever...). 

The three of us haven't been together for Thanksgiving in five years.  I'm pretty thankful to call these two ladies my sisters.


Beth Ann Zeller said...


Anonymous said...

ditto, BethAnn...and well-said, Hannah :) (from Lisa A.)

M.K. said...

Sigh. I remember all the pics of you girls your mom sent to me years ago. It's so lovely that you can be together for Thanksgiving, and have so much to be thankful for. Marie's picture makes me cry. She's looking up, and seeing God rain blessings down on her. I can't imagine how she's grown through all this. May this Thanksgiving be one that is fixed in all your memories for decades to come, as a time of special wonder and love.

guitarwife97 said...

Precious memories! I hope y'all have a blessed Thanksgiving!