Wednesday, November 17, 2010

That Sideways Look

There are many faces of Charissa.  They often involve some type of food smeared on her face.  But today, I believe it is watercolor paint...or maybe chalk.  Not quite certain.  She was in her art corner this morning.  They are all non-toxic so I'm not to worried.  I don't think she was eating whatever it was because it looks to have been applied as lipstick and then went a bit south.  

Charissa is a rather private person so when I bring out the camera it is only on rare occasions that she starts posing and smiling.  So I usually have to get right in front of her and start clicking.  Because I'm not a private person.  And I like pictures of my daughter.  And I'm going to take pictures of her whether she likes it or not.  Tough life, kiddo.

I start out asking her to smile,

  but usually after a couple cheesy grins,

it becomes a game of eye contact evasion,

 which then results in "The Sideways Look",

 which I can capture front-on if my camera is fast enough,

 but it really is better in all it's sideways glory.

You can tell she actually enjoys it, can't you?

I'm headed to South Carolina tomorrow with Brandt so Charissa is staying with Daddy.  Since Daddy is her sun, moon and stars, I know she's going to have a blast with him all to herself.  But I'm going to miss the little turkey.  Because I kind of like her if you haven't noticed already.

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Anonymous said...

ahhhh! she is SO incredibly adorable! i just wanna squeeze her :)
<3 Jenn Adams