Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TSA and all that jazz...

All the recent media hype about the TSA's nekkid-scanners and invasive full-hand pat-downs leaves the average news viewer envisioning every airport security employee as a sick pervert.  So as you can imagine I was not looking forward to the process of flying to South Carolina for Thanksgiving.  Sorry, I'm not driving from OKC to Greenville with a 7 month old.  So I took great pains to not have any metal on my body, no liquids, I even wore some rather shabby yoga pants to avoid zippers.

But the OKC airport hasn't instigated the new security measures.  Less than 70 airports have.  I was treated kindly and thoughtfully by the TSA lady inspecting my driver's license - she asked if I had any questions.  As I took off my shoes & baby sling to put in the little bins, I chatted with the TSA agent who asked Brandt's age and even babbled at him a bit to make him smile.  The lady motioning me through the detector smiled and thanked the servicemen ahead of me for their service.  Even the agent that took my bins smiled and said to have a nice flight. 

Most looked like a retired grandma that perhaps took the job just to have something to do.

So I just have to say this: with "opt-out day" tomorrow, by all means opt out of the scanner if you want.  Request someone of your gender to do the pat-down.  But for goodness sake - be nice to the employees!!

Because they are someone's loved one.  They wish they could be going home for Thanksgiving. 

And the chances are, they are as thrilled about the new security measures as you are - which is not at all.

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Beth Ann Zeller said...

Exactly what I was thinking regarding this topic!