Friday, March 4, 2011

Almost Twins

The day I found out about Brandt's habitation in my womb was also the first of a three-day VBS at my friend  Angie's church.  I was helping out and we were carpooling back and forth.  The second day, we were driving back when she got a text from her husband.  It said "I had a dream that you're pregnant".  She laughed, "Not me!  Maybe someone else."  I sat there feeling nauseous and wondering if the pregnancy vibes were emanating from me like bluish tinted vapors.

A couple weeks later, Angie dropped by my house.  She said, "Hey, I wanted to tell you that I'm pregnant!"  Well, obviously I couldn't just sit there smiling, nodding and congratulation without sharing that I was too!  Our due dates were around a week apart.  She was the first to know - besides Doug, of course.  And maybe her husband knew before any of us???  He's a strangely intuitive like that.

I can't tell you what a blessing it was to have a prego buddy.  I could call and moan about my body falling apart and my desire to eat everything and I knew that she understood what I was talking about.  We could also share in the excitement, the little kicks and hiccups, our insane desires to nest.  She came and took pictures of Brand's birth.  Her little man was born 4 days afterward. 

Yesterday, Angie's three munchkins came to visit.  It was like having one older child and two sets of twins!  If they were as cute and well behaved as Angie's...I think I could handle it full time...I think.

(The tub is my classy way of making sure the gate stays put on the porch.)

Angie and I are still great friends.
Having the same Savior in common is the best part of our friendship :-)


Angie said...

Completely in tears now!! I have to say the picture of the girls is absolutely the cutest thing ever! Having you as a prego buddy was one of the best experiences ever!!

James Zeller said...

This makes me think of Mary and Elizabeth being "prego buddies," and how John the Baptist leaped in his mother's womb for joy because the Messiah was to be born.

angie said...

I'm torturing myself by looking over your blogs written in Oklahoma...many tears and numerous blessings!