Monday, March 14, 2011


This past week was full of prayer, tears (on my part) and some big decisions.  I am so thankful God prompted my choice to have a relatively internet-free period.  He knew this week would be nuts-o-cuckoo-crazy and graciously gave me a time that I couldn't go spilling my freaked-out guts onto some public media.  I went to Him.  He has been more than faithful in giving me peace, even in the unknown.

On Thursday, we received an offer on our property.  We countered higher and our counter was accepted.  We signed the papers yesterday.  Our closing is set for around April 25th.  If all goes well, the closing will be after our two year mark in this home which will exempt us from the capital gains tax on the sale - something the previous offer would not have done.

Isn't God AMAZING???

Our plan is to move back to Colorado.  Both our families live within about an hour's drive of each other.  We are not finalized on our exact housing, but have some good options.  Doug has a few jobs lined up and since we will be debt free (yay!) we hope to make ourselves available to different ministry opportunities.  This would probably involve some road trips, volunteering and lots-lots-lots of prayer!

With the complications of bringing a nursing infant, providing childcare for Charissa, and now having to pack and move, we have decided not to attend the Village Missions Candidate School.  There will be another training in 6 months which we will be prayerfully considering.  By then, Brandt will probably be weaned and since our parents would be in the local area, childcare would not be as much of a problem.  We also feel that postponing would give us more time to decide if VM is exactly the type of ministry to which we want to commit.

I was very excited about the location of the training because my Mom's family lives in that area.   I was hoping to see them and introduce them to Brandt, their great-grandson.  Knowing how disappointed I was about missing that, my wonderful husband purchased me a plane ticket to Oregon.  I'm going to take Brandt and visit with my grandparents, cousins and aunts/uncles for a few days.  My Mom is flying out to see her family also!  It will be fabulous to have four generations together.

So, we have a lot of changes on our horizon, but they are good changes.  We are at peace with our decisions.  God is going before us revealing His will.  Although a great deal is still covered, we know He will show us in good time.  We have complete faith in Him and we even have each other for support along the way.

I know it will be amazing.


Julie said...

awesome:) Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

That is such an answer to prayer even if that isn't what you thought you were praying for. Isn't it amazing to see how God works even when we think we are asking for the right thing. I know that God is doing and will do great things through you as you follow his will. I will continue to pray for you and I am excited that you are going to be back in CO. I wish that we were shortly behind you but I think that is 10 years away. But God is amazing and who knows what is in the future!!! Enjoy seeing your Family and enjoy CO and I will see you soon.

Jenna B. said...

I am so encouraged to hear how the Lord is moving and directing your family. He is so faithful to go beyond what we can immediately see and provide exactly what we need in the end. Thanks for blogging about your journey!