Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Someone is THREE!!!

Last Saturday, a very important person celebrated three years of life.  I'll give you some hints: 

- She loves baking, the color pink, and stringing beads.

- She thinks Daddy is the best person on earth.

- She prays for protection from thunder, wolves and "tings dat go 'ah-wooo'".

- She believes herself to be a Pwincess.

- Unless she is a kitten, in which case she refers to herself in the third person as "Dah Kitty".

- And if she isn't a Pwincess or Dah Kitty she is named "Sheh-wee" and can be any number of things.

- She kisses her brother, brings him toys, then sits on his head.

- She likes to snuggle bug, read books and have her back scratched.

- She has Jesus in her heart.

- She made me a mother.

- I love her.

Happy Birthday to dah Pwincess Kitty Snuggle Bug!

I don't know what I'd do without you!


MommyTart said...

So very very adorable. You just reminded me of the prize I will receive in 3 months

Hannah said...

She really is a prize! Every little temper tantrum and sleepless night is far outweighed in comparison :-) Can't wait to meet your sweet baby girl!!!!