Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Time's A'Comin!

Could the weather be any more perfect?!?  My fingers are just itching to plant something but since we're moving in a month, that might be pointless.  Nevertheless, OTHER beautiful things are greening and budding and sprouting and springing forth from the brown earth.  I'm loving it.

The kiddos are loving it too.  We had a wonderful time out at the pond where Brandt discovered the fun of sliding with big sis gripping him firmly about the neck waist.

 Aw, best buds:-)

 So proud to be sliding!

 I was chasing her trying to get her face in a picture.
All the rest looked like this:

I try.

"Sis, you're such a show off.  Wait up!"

"I'm in a huge cloth diaper.  It constricts my movement."

"It's okay, 'lil bro.  You'll soon be as cool as me!"

 Missy enjoying the beautiful Spring air.
This is after Brandt tried to eat her face and she patiently let him.

Hello Spring!


Jenna B. said...

Moving is the perfect reason not to have to plant anything!

Okay, so this has nothing to do with spring, but I noticed you mentioned Brandt's cloth diaper in one of your photo comments. I'm in the middle of figuring out diapering options, pros and cons and would LOVE to hear your thoughts about cloth diapering!

Hannah said...

Yes! I've done cloth on both my kiddos and love it. I've been considering doing a "cloth diaper" series so stay tuned ;-)