Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fun Craft: Make Your Own Book

We have loved being in the Oklahoma Parents As Teachers program.  Yesterday we had our last meeting for Charissa since she aged out at three.  Our sweet leader, Amy, left the supplies for Charissa to make her own book.  I thought this was a fabulous idea and wanted to share it :-)

What you need:
4 quart size, zip seal bags
masking tape
construction paper
old magazines or photographs

1)  Stack the four bags - they are rather slippery!
2)  Staple the bottom together and cover with masking tape (blue in this picture). 

3) Have your child pick out pictures and cut them out.

4) Take a picture of your crazed maniac child who insists on brushing her own hair, changing outfits 10x daily and just ate spaghetti.  I love her so much, the little turkey.

5) Cut the construction paper into fourths.  That should be the perfect size to fit into a quart bag.
6) Using the glue stick, put the pictures on the piece of paper.

7) Slip into the bag and seal.  You're done!

This is a really simple craft and easy to redo whenever the mood comes along.  This pic is sideways - Blogger didn't like it the right way - but you get the idea!

Have fun!

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