Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We will miss da pond

Charissa has been in a very weepy mood most of the afternoon. 

 "Mama I want you to hold me and rock me."

We sit in the glider chair and sing for a while.

 "Charissa, why are you so sad?  
Is it because we are moving?"

 "Yeah, it's betaws when we get in da caw and dwive and dwive...

 "...we will go to Coworado..." 

 "...and den we will nevah, evah..."

 "...see da pond evah agin."

"I will miss da pond, Mama."

And then we cried together.


Libba said...

oh my!!! big big welling up of tears from me!

Katie said...

Tears in Louisiana too. I know how hard it is for the kids but they are going to do great. As will you and Doug!!! Praying for you and this move.

Jamie Laslo said...

Sniff. Sniff.