Monday, April 4, 2011

What Brandt Did In Oregon

He practiced airplane safety.

 He was very sleepy, but got to meet his Great-Grandparents!

 Great-Aunt Judi taught him about how families can be brutally torn apart by having a "State University" and a "University" in the same state.  
Brandt chose his side.

 He bonded with Grand-Opa, his new favorite person.

 He met a great-aunt, his great-uncle, two more great-great-uncles, one great-great-aunt, two cousins once removed and two second cousins.

That sounded far more complicated than it really was :-)

 He charmed his cousin Kimberly.

 Then met and charmed his cousin, Hattie.

 He took Mama, cousin Hattie and his Nana to Mo's for seafood.

 He gave his stunning Winston Churchill impression.

 He couldn't contain his joy at seeing the ocean.

 He laughed at the rain.

 He hugged a chunk of cedar driftwood.

 He touched the Pacific.

He proclaimed the glories of the Lord.

 He pointed out the big waves with Nana.

He crawled on the beach.

 He took one last ride on Great-Opa's walker.

 Then escorted Mama back home.

We made some wonderful memories.

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