Friday, August 5, 2011

The Gospel Coalition 2012 Women's Conference

I follow The Gospel Coalition on Facebook.  I have always been encouraged and exhorted to live out the reality of the Gospel in ALL facets of life.  I wanted to share about the women's conference coming next June.  The line up of speakers is absolutely unparalleled.  I have met some of these servants and read many of their books.  Honestly, if I could compile a list of the brothers and sisters I would like to meet in this life, the speakers at this conference are certainly a good portion of that list!  The conference name is "Here Is Our God: God's Revelation of Himself in Scripture".  The focus is to draw women into the meat of the Word and to be amazed at the power and majesty of the One we serve as He has revealed Himself in the Scripture - ALL of Scripture.  I am SO excited about this conference!  Registration is going on now.  The cost is $125 until December 31st when the price bumps up to $175. 

I am praying that God would make my attendance possible financially and will balance the always-possible chance that I could be great with child at that time :-)  He is sovereign and I know He will work it out best.  I would absolutely love to see you there, too!  Be in prayer as well.  I know you wouldn't regret it. 

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