Friday, August 26, 2011

Horsie Time

Last week, some friends had us over to ride horses and eat dinner.  Charissa had really wanted to get on a horse so Lucky the horse was caught and saddled and I placed Charissa on his back.  But then, she didn't want to ride a horse.  She started to whine, fuss and reach for me.  So I pulled her down and she plopped onto the grass to pout.  Lucky ate grass, while my friend Erin and I tried to reason with Charissa about her getting onto the nice, sweet, gentle horsie's back.  Nothing was working.

So I did what any good mother would do.  I pulled out the full-force peer pressure.

"Charissa?  You know what?  Abigail has a horse.  She does!  And you know what else?  She RIDES on horses!  You really should ride a horse like Abigail."

It was as if a light bulb turned on in her mind. 

"Really?  I want to ride a horse, too!"

What excellent parenting skills I have!  Or maybe not.  But it worked, didn't it?

So, she climbed up on that horsie's back and a beautiful friendship was born.

"If Abigail does it, *I* can, too!"


"Yee-haw!  I'm so glad Abigail rides horses!"

Concentrating (with the reigns!)

So proud after her ride :-)

"Thank you, Lucky!"

Brandt joined in the fun, too.  His favorite thing was sticking his fingers up the horse's nostril.

And THEN!  Mama got to ride a horse!  Doug snapped this pic as we were leaving.  I have missed riding so much!  Since my wrangling years, I've only been on a horse a handful of times. Yay!!!

Thank you Erin and David!  We had so much fun!


Donna said...

Where in the world did my little niece go?!?! She's so grown up!!!!

Angie said...

I'm glad Abigail could be inspiration, even from afar!