Thursday, August 18, 2011


My internet has been down for the last two days.  Ya have to do your shopping online in these-here parts.  I was planning on doing my final research and purchasing our first year's school supplies but that's okay, I'll get around to it.  In the meantime, we've been soaking up every speck of sunlight we can find.  I hear it will be at a premium here in a few months!

"There's butter on my face!"
Last Saturday, we attended a dinner and dance at K Bar Z with some sweet friends.  The food was delicious, the music was great and we discovered that Charissa has an inner dancing queen.  She did not want to sit through one song; we literally had to pick her up and carry her off the dance floor at 10pm!  Brandt danced with many of the ladies.  He was quite the gentleman.  Doug and I got a few in, too, thanks to friends watching Brandt to make sure he didn't dive into the pond or something.

This morning a large herd of elk - probably 20 or so - were eating in our yard.  They were understandably skittish.  The wolves have been pretty active around the area and apparently killed an elk a couple days ago just about a mile away from here.  The rangers removed its body right away since feeding wolves and grizzlies aren't exactly the friendliest critters to have in one's backyard.

The couch and loveseat here in the parsonage have a plethora of pillows on them and are just right for making forts, "swimming pools" and jumping pits. 

Do you like Brandt's newest injury?  He face planted right on his nose while coming out of the post office.  I don't think I would recognize him if he didn't have an injury so I guess things are as they should be.

Charissa even put on her swimsuit for the pillow "swimming pool" she made.  I might also note that it was currently 47* outside and she kept insisting she wanted to run through the sprinklers outside.  Ah, I love childhood!

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Sarah :) said...

listen, temperature is completely relative. Ok, not completely. But mostly. Remember all those pictures of men in speedos standing around in the snow? As long as she isn't shaking or turning blue, she's fine ;)