Saturday, August 27, 2011



I never started blogging to make money.  My main goal was to share pictures of my kiddos, recipes, thoughts and just connect with people - hopefully giving a little encouragement along the way to "treasure up" the moments God gives us in life, especially in motherhood.  And besides that, I just like blogging!

But when I found Sweetbottoms and saw the opportunity to become an affiliate with them, I just couldn't pass it up!  This is a FABULOUS cloth diaper company!  They have everything you could possibly need for cloth diapering, from the humble prefold to the All-In-One diapers to the gDiaper.  

Check out the Perks! The prices are fabulous, there is FREE SHIPPING on all US orders and you earn points from every purchase to use for further purchases.  They offer their Fix & Fasten Guarantee which stands behind all of their cloth diaper fasteners - if it breaks, they will fix it.  Not sure cloth diapering is for you?  Don't know which diaper to buy?  Check out their Cloth Diaper Trial for 30 days.  Don't want to spend the money on teensy newborn cloth diapers?  Go to their Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental.


Baby carriers, diaper bags, swaddling blankets, baby clothes, baby shoes, toys, natural personal care items, nursing accessories, jewelry, mommy cloth, laundry items, bags - this isn't just about diapers! 

Pop over to "Baby Style" where you can find my favorite: Piggy Paint!  A non-toxic nail polish you can feel safe putting on your child's little piggies.  Charissa loves her's and it doesn't stink which endears it to Daddy's heart!  There was an unfortunate spill on our tan carpet and vinegar water took the hot pink polish right out.  Hallelujah!

I even let her use it by herself!

Most of all I appreciate the focus Sweetbottoms places on eco-friendly, natural products while supporting work at home mommies.

So pop on over, and if you make a purchase, let them know that Hannah at Treasuring It Up sent you!
(Because I don't know if I figured out the affiliate hyperlinks throughout this post!)

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