Monday, August 8, 2011

Please Excuse This Nostalgic Moment

So, once upon a time, I had the most beautiful baby in the world.

 And the craziest thing happened: she started to grow!

 And she had her own personality and started walking and talking...

 Now this happened.  She isn't a baby any more.  
She isn't even a toddler.  

She's a girl.

Even thought I still call her "baby" anyway,
and she still has to have "rock and sing" before bedtime.

 Guess what?  I had another most beautiful baby on earth!
(Amazing how I could do that twice!) 

 And can you believe it, he did the same thing???

 What does he think he's doing?  He walks and eats solids and doesn't really talk because big sis does enough for the two of them, but he's started pointing to his facial features when I ask where they are and my goodness does he have a personality, too!

I still call him "baby mine" because he is and I'm stubborn, 
and he still wants to cuddle after nap time but usually he's busy exploring.

People keep telling me
"remember every moment because they grow up so fast".  
Before I had kids, I thought they were just being 
dramatic, nostalgic, old people.

But now, I'm eating it up,
and I'm treasuring all these moments up in my heart.
(*sniff* and adding a bit to the Kleenex as well - waaaah!)

just thought I should add that since I know what half of you are thinking)


Jenna B. said...

Aww, this is sweet Hannah. I'm glad you shared your nostalgia. It encourages me to not waste any baby-ish moment that is already flying quickly by.

Sarah :) said...

half of us? try ALL!! As soon as you added Brandt in I thought "and, then it's time for #3", and then I got the end and it was "oh... fine, then, nevermind".

Hannah said...

LOL Sarah! Sorry for the false alarm. It's just that Doug and I had been wondering if Brandt looked much like Charissa so I pulled out some of the old pics and got all nostalgic. Hehe, I'll let ya'll know if another one is on the way but right now all indications say "no" ;-)